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Why Private Yoga Sessions Can Be More Amazing Than Your Favorite Yoga Class

As a yoga instructor, I genuinely want my students to get the most out of their yoga and meditation practice for whatever their personal needs are for mind body wellness. These are some reasons why private sessions are so amazing.

1) You receive a personalized practice based on your skill level and needs

Not only will the instructor craft a practice specifically just for you, but there is an initial general information intake where the student provides information about why they would like to work with an instructor one-on-one. The student has the change to disclose what they would like to get out of the practice, and also tell the instructor about any trouble zones they would like to work on specifically.

2) The practice is a two way conversation

Much the opposite of a yoga class, it is encouraged for a two-way conversation to be taking place during a private session. The student can ask questions or make suggestions while the teacher can make queues and adjustments based on what the teacher sees specifically to that student. The open dialogue allows the student-teacher relationship to grow and be nourished by a rich sense of camaraderie.

3) Scheduling Flexibility

Yoga classes are usually set at a specific date and time, and if that time doesn't work out for you, than you are unfortunately out of luck. That class will continue to move forward whether you can make it or not. Yoga teachers understand you have a busy schedule, and want to help you build upon your practice when you are most likely to be receptive of that information.

4) Accountability

In a class setting, all you are required to do is show up for yourself. When working with an instructor, there is a sense of accountability on both ends to show up for yourself and complete your practice for the day. It is easier to say "I'll do this another time" when you don't have anyone counting on you to show up.

Curious if YOU could benefit from private yoga sessions?

Zen Lab offers virtual private sessions as well as yoga classes through Zoom. You can check out the Zen Lab bookings page for availability. Simply book a session on the Zen Lab website here and get started today. Your body and mind will thank you.


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