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Virtual Membership

Q: What if I need to cancel my virtual membership. If I sign up later, will I still get the first 30 days free?

A: No. The free trial can only be used once.

Q: What if I need to cancel my virtual membership. If I sign up later, will I have to pay the $20 fee again?

A: Yes. The joining fee is charged every time you re-sign up for a virtual membership.

Q: What if I am traveling or out of town for a few weeks and just want access to on-demand classes so I can practice on my own time?

A: You will need to sign up for the Virtual Membership, and then cancel your membership before your next payment installment. You can cancel anytime on your own.

Q: Where can I cancel my virtual membership?

A: You can cancel your virtual membership anytime on your own by logging into your account and going to "My Subscriptions" page.

Q: What if I want access to both the virtual yoga studio and in-person yoga classes at CITYOGA?

A: If you become a Supporter Member at CITYOGA at $169/mo, you get access to both livestream classes, on-demand classes, and in-person classes at CITYOGA. The $20 joining fee is waived if you become a Supporter Member. With all other pricing options, you will need to purchase virtual class drop-ins or the virtual membership as an add-on to your current membership or package. Learn more about CITYOGA pricing here:


Q: I purchased a 15 class pass at CITYOGA, does that apply to livestream classes?

A: No. You will need to purchase a $12 virtual drop in or virtual monthly membership as an add on to your current package.

Q: I signed up for a class but didn't receive a confirmation email with the link to join class?

A: Since it is an auto-generated email, it is possible it was placed in your spam folder. Check your spam folder to see if it went directly to your spam or blocked emails. If the email is not there, please send a message to for additional assistance.

Q: I purchased a virtual membership, and then some classes were canceled. Can I get a refund for the canceled classes?

A: Schedules and teachers may change or cancel more frequently than in-person classes. Due to the unique nature of livestream classes (teachers teaching from home, and certain equipment required to teach) we have a smaller pool of teachers to substitute for class. Unfortunately, cancellations may be more frequent for livestream classes due this, and it is an inherent risk that our students take when signing up for a membership. Please read through our policies carefully before buying:

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