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Greater Access to Yoga with Online Classes

Zen Lab, an online yoga and meditation practice, was made to help reduce physical and socioeconomic barriers to the practice of yoga. Kristen created Zen Lab to teach yoga and meditation online to students who may not have access to a physical studio or may not want to attend a physical yoga studio for many reasons (feelings of not fitting in, being judged, critical students or teachers, etc). The four main pillars of Zen Lab's foundation are...

1) Online Access

2) Affordability

3) Flexibility (in life and scheduling)

4) Community

1) Online Access

An online yoga practice gives you access to classes and sessions on your computer, smart phone, or other device. You can practice anywhere, anytime, when time and physical space allow. Practicing online also provides you with a blanket of anonymity. Move in a way that feels good to you without being viewed, judged, gazed at. With anonymity, you gain a better understanding of what the pose feels like in your own body vs. what it looks like for other bodies.

2) Affordability

Yoga is often not monetarily accessible to many people, making the practice feel exclusive, when in fact the practice is and should be universal. Zen Lab strives to provide many ways of opting into my practice financially, through classes, videos, private sessions, and membership. They also have plenty of free resources to get introduced to my practice until you decide to opt in completely. Join this month's free class today.

3) Flexibility

Not referring to flexible muscles here. This is all about your time and schedule. Zen Lab has many options for you to practice on your own time which includes live classes, on-demand videos, online programs and challenges, and private individual and group classes. This type of flexibility allows you to practice on your own time when it best fits your schedule.

4) Community

Zen Lab strives to create an inviting and inclusive online community that not only encourages you to turn inward and practice from your spiritual heart center, but also to connect, bond, and learn from each other. Everyone’s unique experiences are welcome so that we may learn, grow, and evolve together as humans and create a more compassionate and empathetic society.

Start practicing with Kristen today!

(must sign up to join free class)

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