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Laura Harris

RYT 200

Laura Harris is a RYT 200 hour certified teacher and certified pranayama teacher based out of Fresno, CA. She was first exposed to yoga as part of the Ashrams hosted by her father, a professor of Indian philosophy and religion turned sustainable farmer. Her own practice developed in 1996 as she was looking for a way to connect with herself and others having moved to a new state for her first job out of college. Since then it has been a consistent thread in her life as she moved from New England to New York City to San Francisco to Indianapolis, and now in Fresno. She loves light and laughter, is by nature curious and open. She has received training from David Swenson (Ashtanga) and Swami Saradananda (Pranayama in the Sivananda Yoga tradition) and attended Ashtanga workshops with Kino MacGregor and Taylor Hunt as well as workshops in chair yoga, somatics, and mayo facial release. Laura strives to create a warm safe place for students to explore and grow their practice with an emphasis on mudras, breath, centering, alignment, and building a strong foundation from which their energy can flow freely. She loves the sense of peace and presence that asana, pranayama, and meditation bring to her daily life; weaving their way through her photography, poetry, baking experiments, and life with her husband and three teenage children.


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