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Online Class

Slow Flow

Level 1/2

  • 1 hour
  • 12 US dollars
  • Zoom

Class Description

Slow Flow is a creative, therapeutic flow designed to bring balance to the body and the mind through holding poses and exploring what each pose has to offer you. This class includes grounding postures and slower movements, which allow students to build confidence and familiarity. Longer holds in standing and balancing postures offer the opportunity to refine the fundamentals and explore deeper sensations over time. When we slow down we relax the nervous system, we focus on our breath, and we become stronger mentally and physically. The pace of this class is slower than vinyasa, but quicker than hatha. We will hold each pose for 3-8 breaths with some vinyasa "flows" sprinkled in to link our movement with our breath to help achieve a meditative state. Although we move at a slower pace than a regular vinyasa class, slow flow can still be challenging while holding poses for a longer period of time. This class is meant to generate heat in the body and also build strength while providing time to explore each pose. There will be a focus on breath and body awareness and the pace of the class will allow time for each person to become more in-tune with their body without feeling rushed. What to wear: Wear whatever you're most comfortable in. Something loose fitting and/or stretchy.

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