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Online Class

Breathe, Flow & Release

Level 1

  • 1 hour
  • 12 US dollars
  • Zoom

Class Description

This class begins with a strength and sensory awareness slow (yang) flow then transitions into various restorative (yin) postures allowing the warmed-up muscles, tendons and deeper connective tissues (fascia) to relax and release. By combining the elements of somatic awareness with yang, and yin postures students will be prepared for a longer deep relaxing Savasana, this class is appropriate for beginners. What to bring: Props can enhance or deepen your experience to achieve a state of total relaxation and release. Here are some props you may enjoy including in your restorative yoga practice: --Yoga mat: Choose a soft yoga mat for your restorative practice. You may even like to drape a blanket over the entire mat for extra cushioning and warmth. --Blankets: Use any blanket that will provide weight, warmth, and cushion for your practice. You can also use towels or other soft objects. --Yoga blocks: Yoga blocks are often made from wood, cork, or recycled foam. They are fairly inexpensive and are a great way to provide you with support during your practice. You can also use a stack of books as blocks when practicing at home. --Bolsters: Bolsters are big pillows with some stiffness that allows for more support during restorative poses. You can also use pillows from your bed or couch. What to wear: Wear whatever you're most comfortable in. Something loose fitting and/or stretchy.

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