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Yoga for Athletes

Program Description

For athletes looking to optimize athletic performance and recovery. Yoga is a highly structured activity that mimics critical aspects of athletic performance including balance, flexibly, muscular strength, muscle endurance, and coordination. Yoga is not meant to replace your conventional training, but to enhance it. Not only can it help build strength, stability, and mental toughness, it can also be a valuable tool for recovery and preventing injuries. So much of conventional training for sports disconnects our mind from our body. Athletes may ignore pain or push through injuries. This mind-body disconnection can lead to injury, long-term damage in the body, and/or chronic pain. The practice of yoga allows us to become more in tune with the body and the messages it is sending to your brain. With this mindful approach to the body, we can genuinely listen to the body's needs and respond accordingly with mindful intention. A regular yoga practice prevents injury, enhances muscle function, and combats stress, three key components of sports performance. Utilize these sections as an inverse relationship to your sports training. Move at your own pace.

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Program Steps

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